24 March 2021Written by ISCD Team

A Celebration of Colour, Haymes Paint 2021 Colour Palette

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As some of you might know, 21 March is celebrated as the International Colour Day globally as around the equinox (equi-aequi+nox-night), the sun shines directly on the equator. Consequently, day and night have an approximately similar length all over the Earth.

In recognition of International Colour Day, we caught up with seasoned colour experts at Haymes Paint, Wendy Rennie and Erin Hearns to get their insight into colour trends for 2021.

The 2021 colour forecast was predicted back during Covid19 so it’s understandable that they all have a sense of calm. 

“All the themes do tie back into Covid times and that feeling of wanting to create an oasis at home.”

Haymes Paints has 3 colour palettes for this year: ‘Grounded’, ‘Calm Mind’ and ‘Happy Home’. They’re all inspired by the concept of facing unexpected challenges. 


Drawing inspiration from the earthy tones. The idea of this palette is to offer an escape from our screen light, bringing us back to the present and what’s around us. 

“Its rich colours range from deep tones of ink blue to warm sandy neutrals and olive greens, emulating the calming force of the ocean, the earth and forest.

A perfect palette to add to your living areas or as a bold colour in your bedroom. 

“These colours remind us that we can create spaces within our home that reinforce our connection to the land and provide a sense of “groundedness,” neutralising the chaos of the outside world and enveloping us in a sense of serenity.”

Calm Mind:

Finding a sense of peace and calm is something that we have all been promoting in our lives across the last year and self care has been encouraged by all to be at the top of our list. So where better to ensure you have a calming and peaceful space to relax and live in than in the home? 

“Calm Mind restores balance and inspires harmony, through emulating a ‘spa retreat’ feel within the home. Soothing tones of creamy green and blue blend with muddied peach, pink and rusts to create a tranquil fusion of colour that nurtures the mind and soul.”

The colours in this palette inspire mental wellbeing and promote peace and comfort.

Happy Home:

The idea of Happy Home was to introduce an uplifting palette of tones and hues to promote joy. Incorporating the bold and bright colours brings a sense of happiness and influences positive feelings and emotions.

“Bold blues, rusty reds and pops of bright yellow bring a sense of fun and hope back into our homes. The palette inspires interiors that are characterised by quirky styling, bold colour blocking and smack of zesty exuberance. This theme is all about youthful design elements and injecting energy into spaces to reinvigorate the senses.”

“Haymes has created three beautiful colour palettes from their Embrace Range.  My favourite would have to be ‘Grounded’. I adore the earthy rich colours that the team at Haymes have put together for this palette. Our lives these days are busier than ever so it is important that we take time out to just stop and enjoy our surroundings. These colours are reminiscent of nature and connect us to the outdoors inside our home.”

– Gabrielle Rosenfeld, ISCD Online Education Manager and Interior Designer

Colours have a big impact on your mood and emotions so ensuring you surround yourself with the right ones, especially in your living and working spaces is so important. We as human beings rely hugely on our senses. Colour, whether bright and bold or dark and greyed, can trigger different emotional reactions.

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