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The ISCD brand has been influencing the Australian interior design sector for over 40 years, and is known for helping companies with their staff training, co-designing of courses and sourcing valued employees. We would love to help you upskill your staff, run workshops, or connect you to a pipeline of our freshest graduates.


ISCD partners with companies in 3 key ways:

Why partner with us?

Partnering with ISCD can give your staff the latest knowledge and trends, as well as confidence with this knowledge when they are talking to your clients. 

  • Trusted Educators
    Experienced knowledgeable educators with real industry experience
  • Hands On Training
    Experiential, practical and hands-on learning for lasting behavioural change
  • Diversity of Students
    Student profiles from the most varied backgrounds bringing thought diversity to your organisation
  • Recognised Training
    Providing accredited Vocational training, as well as non-accredited training programs
  • Talent Acquisition
    Tailored candidate selection process to meet your hiring needs

Our industry partners

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Guest Lecturing Opportunities

Our Pro-Connect Talks provide our students with direct industry access while studying. These talks offer crucial information about current trends and design concepts in colour, sustainability, technology, etc. 

If you’re an interior design professional and would like to share your wisdom and design knowledge with the next generation of interior designers, we invite you to get in touch. Because our course is 100% online, we can facilitate speakers from anywhere worldwide.

Some of our past speakers and topics have included:

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  • 01_ISCD_8_Events_Page_Website_Assets_BettinaBreathe_564x318_Jun2023-1
  • 01_ISCD_8_Events_Page_Website_Assets_AndreaDulux_564x318_Jun202323

Hear from our Industry Partners


Partner with Us

Partner with ISCD to upskill your workforce or tap into the next generation of our tech-ready interior design graduates.

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