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Interior Design At ISCD

Imagine entering a room that instantly makes you feel relaxed and at ease. The colours, textures, layout and lighting create a sense of harmony and balance. Every detail has been carefully considered to create a space that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

That is the power of good interior design – and we’re passionate about teaching it at ISCD.


Interior Design is Evolving

ISCD has a 40 year proven track record in producing leading Australian interior designers. We know design intimately, from colour theory to furniture selection to the latest industry trends.

Technology in interior design is opening up a new frontier for improved visual communication and bringing innovative ideas to life.

This is why we’ve recently joined forces with creative technology educators, Academy of Interactive Technology (AIT). Together, we’re committed to empowering you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a modern interior designer fully equipped to excel in today’s digital landscape.

Powered by AIT

ISCD is powered by the Academy of Interactive Technology (AIT), which means you’ll be nurtured to succeed in designing with the latest software and Interior Design technology.

Interactive Media Experts 20+ years


Interior Design Experts 40 years


Educating the next generation of Interior Designers

Why is a tech-friendly interior design course better than a traditional interior design Course?

  • Efficiency & productivity

    Our courses leverage the power of technology to enhance efficiency and productivity by integrating the latest design software and digital tools into the curriculum. You’ll learn how to use Programa, the ultimate specification, project management, and collaboration software for interior designers and architects.

  • Visualisation & communication

    You’ll use digital design software to enhance visualisation and communication. You’ll learn how to leverage 3D modelling and rendering software, virtual reality (VR) and computer-aided design (CAD) software to visualise and simulate designs.
    These tools will enable you to create realistic representations of your ideas, experiment with different layouts, materials, and colour schemes, and make informed design decisions.

  • Adaptability skills

    Interior design is a dynamic industry that experiences constant changes in trends, styles, and preferences. Adaptability allows designers to embrace new ideas, experiment with different styles, and evolve design approaches to stay relevant and competitive. Mastering adaptability skills will enable you to tailor your work to suit different aesthetics, budgets, and functional requirements, ensuring client satisfaction.

  • Career opportunities

    Gaining proficiency in the latest tools will better position you for a wider range of career opportunities, offering you greater career advancement and financial success.

What we know about teaching creatives technology & design

We know that learning new technologies can be intimidating initially, but with the right training and support, you can quickly become proficient and confident. So how do we do it?

  • 01_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Icons_LIGHT_Giving_You_the_Right_Tools_Jun2023

    Access to the Right Tools

    Our course fees include free access to the latest professional interior software, including AutoCAD, V-Ray, SketchUp, and Programa.

  • 01_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Icons_LIGHT__Encouraging_&_Experimentation_Jun2023

    Encouraging Experimentation

    You’ll get many opportunities to experiment with tech tools in your design work, with helpful feedback and guided mentorship. 

  • 01_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Icons_LIGHT__Mentorship_&_Guidance_Jun2023

    Access to Practising Interior Designers

    Our team of educators are all professional interior designers, all currently working in the industry.

  • 01_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Icons_LIGHT__Relevant_Course_Content_Jun2023

    Relevant Course Content

    We’ve teamed up with the Academy of Interactive Technology (AIT) to ensure all our course content is tech focused for today’s interior designer. 

  • 01_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Icons_LIGHT__Interactive_Learning_Jun2023

    Interactive Learning

    You’ll learn through hands-on interactive activities that will challenge your interior design skills and software tool use.

  • 01_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Icons_LIGHT__Collaborative_Learning_Jun2023

    Collaborative Learning

    You will be part of a creative community, with peer-to-peer discussion boards and tutorials with professional interior designers.

  • 01_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Icons_LIGHT__Visual_Learning_Jun2023

    Visual Learning

    We know how important visual teaching is for creatives, so we’ve made sure all the learning materials and tech tools are immersive visual learning experiences.

  • 01_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Icons_LIGHT_Flexible_Learning_Jun2023

    Flexible Learning

    Creatives need to learn through exploration and to their own natural beat, so our course is designed for you to explore learning your way.

What People Say About Us


Meet our educators

  • 03_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Educator_Images_Gabrielle_Rosenfeld_B&W_Jun202303_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Educator_Images_Gabrielle_Rosenfeld_COLOUR_Jun2023


    Gabrielle Rosenfeld

    Education Manager

    Years in industry: 20 years

    Years at ISCD: 3 years

    Industry Skills
    • Design skills
    • Software skills
    • Styling skills
    • Creative Passion
    • Coffee Making
    • Doing Accents
    • Colour and Interior Styling
    • Empathy
    Favourite things
    • 🎓 Colours
    • 💚 Green
    • 🍳 Lingini Marinara
    • 🎵 Neil Finn
    • 📺 Something's gotta give
    • 👩‍🎨 Ilse Crawford
  • 03_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Educator_Images_Annika_Oja_B&W_Jun202303_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Educator_Images_Annika_Oja_COLOUR_Jun2023


    Annika Oja

    Online Educator

    Years in industry: 9 years

    Years at ISCD: 3 years

    Industry Skills
    • Design skills
    • Software skills
    • Styling skills
    • Creative Passion
    • Coffee Making
    • Tap Dancing
    • Spatial and Joinery Design
    • People skills
    Favourite things
    • 🍳 Arabic Food
    • 🎵 Blues
    • 🤎 Earthy Tones
    • 📺 Peaky Blinders
    • 🎓 Reading People
    • 👩‍🎨 Kelly Behun
  • 03_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Educator_Images_Michael_Allsopp_B&W_Jun202303_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Educator_Images_Michael_Allsopp_COLOUR_Jun2023


    Michael Allsopp

    Online Educator

    Years in industry: 13 years

    Years at ISCD: 6 years

    Industry Skills
    • Design skills
    • Software skills
    • Styling skills
    • Creative Passion
    • Coffee Making
    • Flower Arrangements
    • 3D Model Making
    • Joinery Design
    Favourite things
    • 💙 Blue
    • 📺 British Crime
    • 🍳 Chicken Snitzel
    • 🎵 Electric Pop
    • 🎓 James Bond
    • 👨‍🎨 Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
  • 03_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Educator_Images_Kristina_Mitkovski_B&W_Jun202303_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Educator_Images_Kristina_Mitkovski_COLOUR_Jun2023


    Kristina Mitkovski

    Online Educator

    Years in industry: 26 years

    Years at ISCD: 2 years

    Industry Skills
    • Design skills
    • Software skills
    • Styling skills
    • Creative Passion
    • Coffee Making
    • Juggling whilst in a headstand pose
    • Spatial and Joinery Design
    • Problem Solving
    Favourite things
    • 🎵 90s Seattle
    • 🎓 Communication
    • 💚 Dark Sap Green
    • 🍳 Kifli
    • 📺 The Umbrella Academy
    • 👨‍🎨 Sam Maloof

Join our next Info Session

Our online info sessions are an excellent way to explore the foundations of design and discover if a career in interior design is for you. In this free 60 min session you can expect to:

  • Learn the basics – what is interior design and what types of roles are there?
  • Discover the difference between interior design and interior decoration.
  • Find your personal style by exploring different interior design styles.
  • Find out all about colour and its role within interior design.
  • Learn all about our courses and how you can become a qualified interior designer in just 2 years via our virtual classroom.
  • Meet our graduates and hear first hand about their experience and what they are up to now.

Our partners

You can’t be in the interior design community as long as we have and not foster meaningful connections with like-minded businesses. These relationships enable us to tap into the current design community to offer engaging guest speakers, industry placements, or potential employment opportunities to our students. In addition to this, many of our graduates who have built their own unique interior design businesses still work with us today, mentoring and guiding our next generation of interior designers.

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    • 04_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Industry_Partner_Logos_Satara_340x340_Jun2023
    • 04_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Industry_Partner_Logos_Bowerbird_CHARCOAL__340x340_Jun2023
    • 04_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Industry_Partner_Logos_Talostone_340x340_Jun2023
    • 04_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Industry_Partner_Logos_Cult__340x340_Jun2023
    • 04_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Industry_Partner_Logos_Temple&Webster_340x340_Jun2023
    • 04_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Industry_Partner_Logos_Dilorenzo_340x340_Jun2023
    • 04_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Industry_Partner_Logos_Breathe_Architecture_340x340_Jun2023
    • 04_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Industry_Partner_Logos_Flooring_Emporium__340x340_Jun2023
    • 04_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Industry_Partner_Logos_Tile_Cloud_340x340_Jun2023
    • 04_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Industry_Partner_Logos_Haymes_Paint__340x340_Jun2023
    • 04_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Industry_Partner_Logos_Merino_Homes__340x340_Jun2023
    • 04_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Industry_Partner_Logos_polytec_BLACK__340x340_Jun2023
    • 04_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Industry_Partner_Logos_Porters_Paints__340x340_Jun2023
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Student Work

Explore some of our student work and get a feel for the interior design projects you’ll work on. Graduate with a portfolio bursting with your own concepts and designs, and your Instagram and Pinterest profiles on point!

  • 05_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Student_Work_Dilmini_Dissanayake_611x900_Jun2023
  • 05_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Student_Work_Elinore_English_611x770_Jun2023
  • 05_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Student_Work_Jessie-Gray_Thornton_835x575_Jun2023
  • 05_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Student_Work_Rebecca_Elms_Smith_611x770_Jun2023
  • Dilmini Dissanayake
  • Elinore English
  • Jessie-Gray Thornton
  • Rebecca Elms Smith

What We’re Loving Right Now

Each month, we invite one of our educators or recent graduates to curate a Pinterest board with the latest styles and trends catching their eye.

This month, our lead educator Gabby has compiled an inspo board filled with colourful hues, muted palettes and playful patterns.

Follow us on Pinterest @iscd for inspiration for your next projects.


Take the next step towards your interior design career

We’re ready to help guide you through your exploration into interior design. We’d love to hear about your career and study goals, so why not book a call with one of our team members or download a course guide to review all the information in one place? If you need help figuring out where to begin, our free online info sessions are a great place to start. Visit our connect page and start your next chapter today.


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