Today’s interior design is a fascinating blend of innovation, sustainability, and personalisation. Our interior design courses have been meticulously crafted to ensure you’ll learn a solid framework of foundational skills to build your knowledge as you progress, ensuring you graduate industry-ready.
Whether you are new to the field or an established design professional wanting to upskill, you’ll learn how to create a balanced fusion of aesthetics, functionality and design.

  • diploma

    Diploma of Interior Design

    The Diploma of Interior Design at ISCD will give you the practical and technical knowledge you need to pursue a career in today’s interior design industry. 

    • Qualifications:
      • Diploma Of Interior Design
    • Software you'll master:
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      • 01_ISCD_Tech_Stack_PhotoshopLogo_Jul2023
      • 01_ISCD_Tech_Stack_IndesignLogo_Jul2023
      • 01_ISCD_Tech_Stack_SketchupLogo_Jul2023
      • 01_ISCD_Tech_Stack_V-RayLogo_Jul2023
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    • Location
      • 100% Online
  • interior

    Certificate IV in Interior Decoration

    The Certificate IV in Interior Decoration course explores the fundamentals of interior decoration including space planning, colour theory, design principles, materials, and finishes and styling. 

    • Qualifications:
      • Certificate IV in Interior Decoration
    • Software you'll master:
      • 01_ISCD_Tech_Stack_PhotoshopLogo_Jul2023
      • 01_ISCD_Tech_Stack_IndesignLogo_Jul2023
      • 01_ISCD_Tech_Stack_SketchupLogo_Jul2023
      • 01_ISCD_Tech_Stack_ProgramaLogo_Jul2023
    • Location
      • 100% Online
  • interior-short


    Whether pursuing a passion or looking to enhance your interior design portfolio, our microcredentials offer a bite-sized, concise learning experience to suit anyone.

    ISCD - Powered by AIT

    Because our educators are all practising interior designers, we’ve witnessed the evolution of interior design first-hand. We know how important it is to master not only design but the tools and technology that will take your designs to the next level. 

    ISCD is powered by the Academy of Interactive Technology (AIT), which means you’ll be exposed to a multi-faceted course curriculum, including design, colour theory, software application, 3D modelling, project management technology and sustainable interior solutions. 

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    How You Learn

    ISCD courses are taught online, with all classes, communities, and design challenges happening in our dedicated online learning platform. We designed the course this way to mirror how today’s interior designers work. 

    With most client meetings being conducted in virtual spaces such as Zoom, we want you to graduate with the ability to operate your business in a virtual world. You’ll become a master at switching seamlessly between face-to-face consultations and pitches, to engaging presentations and tender-winning confidence in the online world. 

    Learning and support at ISCD will be experienced in three ways:

    Guided Learning
    • Visual, engaging, interactive online content
    • Peer-to-peer discussions
    • Qualified trainer discussion moderation
    • Easy-to-navigate Cloud Campus learning experience
    Guided skills development
    Self-directed Learning

    Our Online Learning Platform

    All of your learning will take place in our dedicated online learning platform.

    Online Learning Platform Features:
    • Simple, intuitive course content designed to help you navigate the learning platform
    • Videos & interactive activities
    • Discussion boards
    • Assessment advice and information
    • Academic skills and study routine support
    • Online librarian assistance


    Comprehensive Online Learning Support:

    Health and Wellbeing support

    We provide all students with a student support welfare service, completely free of charge. We chose this partner because they use counselling professionals and current psychology research in their support services. We also have a student support team ready to assist you with any personal needs, who will proactively reach out to you if it looks like you’re struggling with your studies.


    Take the next step towards your interior design career

    We’re ready to help guide you through your exploration into interior design. We’d love to hear about your career and study goals, so why not book a call with one of our team members or download a course guide to review all the information in one place? If you need help figuring out where to begin, our free online info sessions are a great place to start. Visit our connect page and start your next chapter today.


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