Diploma Of
Interior Design

The Diploma of Interior Design at ISCD will give you the practical and technical knowledge you need to pursue a career in today’s interior design industry. 

Learn to create functional, aesthetically pleasing, and innovative interior spaces while considering client needs, building codes, sustainability, and industry standards. 

Online learning allows you to fit study around life commitments like family and work.

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  • Intake Dates

    Start Anytime

  • Location
    100% Online
  • Price

    $15,800 (includes access to Adobe Creative Cloud, SketchUp, SketchUp V-Ray, AutoCAD and Programa)


    Payment Options:

    Full Fee Upfront
    Monthly Instalments
    VET Student Loan (VSL)

  • What to expect
  • Software
  • Learning environment
  • Course content
  • Course superpowers
  • Our Educators
  • How to apply

What To Expect

The Diploma of Interior Design course covers all aspects of interior design over four blocks of study. You’ll learn foundational interior design, project planning and software skills early on so you can progressively practise and play, refining your craft as your knowledge deepens.

This is a deliberate way of learning, tailored specifically for creative minds to help you build confidence as you explore new technology and tools. You’ll also engage in practical projects, hands-on studio work, and theoretical coursework to develop your design abilities.

Design Software ToolKit

We know how important it is to access the latest interior design software, so we’ve designed this course so you get hands-on experience using these tools from the moment you begin. This software enables you to communicate innovative ideas seamlessly, so you’ll graduate knowing how to confidently pitch and present in the digital space. The Diploma of Interior Design includes all of the software below as part of your tuition fee, so you won’t be required to purchase any additional software. You’ll be introduced to more complex design software tools as you progress through the course.



Programa: the ultimate specification, project management, and collaboration software for interior designers and architects.
Adobe Creative Cloud: a comprehensive suite of design software that empowers designers to bring ideas to life.
SketchUp: a versatile 3D modelling software designers and artists use to create detailed and realistic digital representations.
V-Ray for SketchUp: a powerful rendering extension to create stunning and photorealistic visualisations of 3D models.

AutoCAD: a design program to create detailed plans, layouts, and technical drawings and perform tasks like dimensioning, annotation, and rendering.

02_ISCD_Tech_Stack_DIP NEW
02_ISCD_Tech_Stack_DIP NEW MOB

Learning Environment

The Diploma of Interior Design is delivered online in our dedicated online learning platform. All classes, communities, and design challenges happen within this virtual space. We designed the course this way to mirror how today’s interior designers work.

With most client meetings being conducted in virtual spaces such as Zoom, we want you to graduate with the ability to operate your business in a virtual world. You’ll become a master at switching seamlessly between face-to-face consultations and pitching your designs on site, to delivering engaging presentations with tender-winning confidence in the online world.

Learning and support at ISCD will be experienced in three ways:

Guided Learning
  • Visual, engaging, interactive online content
  • Peer-to-peer discussions
  • Qualified trainer discussion moderation
  • Easy-to-navigate online learning experience
Guided Skills Development
Self-directed Learning

Online Learning Platform

All of your learning will take place in our dedicated online learning platform.

Online Learning Platform Features:
  • Simple, intuitive course content designed to help you navigate the learning platform
  • Videos & interactive activities
  • Discussion boards
  • Assessment advice and information
  • Academic skills and study routine support
  • Online librarian assistance
  • Free subscription to industry-grade software for your first 12 months
Online Learning Platform Support:

Online Learning Platform Tour

As designers, we know the importance of experiencing a space to really get a feel for it, so we invite you to look around our online learning platform to get a sense of what studying online with us looks like. Click the link below to get direct access to an online tour by one of our student enrolment advisors and see how your course is structured.

Course Content
  • Block 1
  • Block 2
  • Block 3
  • Block 4
Software we'll provide
  • 01_ISCD_Tech_Stack_CADLogo_Jul2023
  • 01_ISCD_Tech_Stack_PhotoshopLogo_Jul2023
  • 01_ISCD_Tech_Stack_IndesignLogo_Jul2023
  • 01_ISCD_Tech_Stack_SketchupLogo_Jul2023
  • 01_ISCD_Tech_Stack_V-RayLogo_Jul2023
    SketchUp V-Ray
  • 01_ISCD_Tech_Stack_ProgramaLogo_Jul2023

Course Content

Block 1

Design and Colour

You will explore the theory behind colour and colour relationships, then learn how to specify colour schemes for both interior and exterior spaces. Here we teach you the basic skills of drawing and rendering, and the elements and
principles of design.

Tech: Industry standard design software (InDesign, Photoshop).

Includes accredited units:

  • Explore and apply the creative design process to 2D forms (CUADES302)
  • Explore the use of colour (CUADES301)
  • Design colour schemes for interior and exterior spaces (MSFID4016)
  • Research and recommend colour applications and finishes (MSFID5027)

Design Practice

Block 2

Drafting and Spatial Design

Learn the fundamentals of spatial planning for kitchens and bathrooms as you develop 2D technical drawing skills both by hand and in digital format using SketchUp.  Explore various rendering techniques and understand and explore spatial design in 3D.

SketchUp, InDesign, Photoshop.

Includes accredited units:

  • Produce technical drawings (CUAACD313)
  • Produce drawings to communicate ideas (CUAACD311)
  • Explore and apply the creative design process to 3D forms (CUADES303)
  • Research and apply techniques in spatial design (CUADES423)

Interior Decoration and Styling

Block 3

Technology-Integrated Design

You will dive deep into how technology is evolving in the world of interior design and how to apply this into your practice. You will expand your skills and knowledge of AutoCAD and SketchUp and create documentation including floor plans, elevations and sections. You will also discover the changing world of ‘smart home’ technology, and what you need to know as a designer.

SketchUp, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Real time rendering using SketchUp V-Ray, Programa.

Includes accredited units:

  • Research and integrate embedded technologies in interior designs (MSFID4020)
  • Produce digital models and documentation for interior design projects (MSFID4014)

Property Restoration:

Block 4

Commercial Interiors:

This subject expands your design skills and knowledge for application in the commercial space, where you will learn how to adapt your creative thinking to meet the needs of commercial clients as you create concepts and design solutions for the hospitality sector; including cafes, bars and restaurants.

SketchUp, AutoCAD, InDesign, Photoshop, SketchUp V-Ray, Programa.

Includes accredited units:

  • Prepare materials and finishes boards for client presentation (MSFID4015)
  • Establish, negotiate and refine a design brief (CUADES512)
  • Explore and apply creative design methodology to interior space (MSFID5022)

Residential Interiors:

Course Superpowers

  • You could work in the following roles:
    • Colour consultant 
    • Interior stylist 
    • In-house interior designer or decorator 
    • Interior design and decoration consultant (generalist) 
    • Residential interior designer for clients (i.e. personal clients) or property renovation clients (i.e. business clients like architects, builders) 
    • Commercial interior designer (for property developers, urban planners, etc.) 
    • Soft furnishing consultant (working for the likes of a fabric company)
  • Confidently use interior design tech tools, including:
    • SketchUp
    • AutoCAD
    • InDesign
    • Photoshop
    • Programa
    • Dulux Colour App
    • Taubmans Coloursmith Reader App
  • Achieve mastery of sought-after employability skills, such as:
    • Adaptability
    • Collaboration
    • Written and oral communication
    • Planning and organising
    • Presenting
    • Problem-solving
    • Project managing
    • Self management
    • Technology use in design
  • When you leave, your professional portfolio will have:
    • Mood boards
    • Concept boards
    • Rendered floor plans, elevations and 3d perspectives
    • CAD drawings for residential and commercial projects
    • Interior Decoration solutions 
    • Client documentation including design briefs, FF&E Schedules, contracts and fee proposals
  • You could go on to study:
    • MSF50313 Diploma of Furniture Design and Technology
    • MSF60113 Advanced Diploma of Interior Design
    • Higher education qualifications in the design, architecture and construction fields.

Our Educators

  • 03_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Educator_Images_Gabrielle_Rosenfeld_B&W_Jun202303_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Educator_Images_Gabrielle_Rosenfeld_COLOUR_Jun2023


    Gabrielle Rosenfeld

    Education Manager

    Years in industry: 20 years

    Years at ISCD: 3 years

    Industry Skills
    • Design skills
    • Software skills
    • Styling skills
    • Creative Passion
    • Coffee Making
    • Doing Accents
    • Colour and Interior Styling
    • Empathy
    Favourite things
    • 🎓 Colours
    • 💚 Green
    • 🍳 Lingini Marinara
    • 🎵 Neil Finn
    • 📺 Something's gotta give
    • 👩‍🎨 Ilse Crawford
  • 03_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Educator_Images_Annika_Oja_B&W_Jun202303_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Educator_Images_Annika_Oja_COLOUR_Jun2023


    Annika Oja

    Online Educator

    Years in industry: 9 years

    Years at ISCD: 3 years

    Industry Skills
    • Design skills
    • Software skills
    • Styling skills
    • Creative Passion
    • Coffee Making
    • Tap Dancing
    • Spatial and Joinery Design
    • People skills
    Favourite things
    • 🍳 Arabic Food
    • 🎵 Blues
    • 🤎 Earthy Tones
    • 📺 Peaky Blinders
    • 🎓 Reading People
    • 👩‍🎨 Kelly Behun
  • 03_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Educator_Images_Michael_Allsopp_B&W_Jun202303_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Educator_Images_Michael_Allsopp_COLOUR_Jun2023


    Michael Allsopp

    Online Educator

    Years in industry: 13 years

    Years at ISCD: 6 years

    Industry Skills
    • Design skills
    • Software skills
    • Styling skills
    • Creative Passion
    • Coffee Making
    • Flower Arrangements
    • 3D Model Making
    • Joinery Design
    Favourite things
    • 💙 Blue
    • 📺 British Crime
    • 🍳 Chicken Snitzel
    • 🎵 Electric Pop
    • 🎓 James Bond
    • 👨‍🎨 Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
  • 03_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Educator_Images_Kristina_Mitkovski_B&W_Jun202303_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Educator_Images_Kristina_Mitkovski_COLOUR_Jun2023


    Kristina Mitkovski

    Online Educator

    Years in industry: 26 years

    Years at ISCD: 2 years

    Industry Skills
    • Design skills
    • Software skills
    • Styling skills
    • Creative Passion
    • Coffee Making
    • Juggling whilst in a headstand pose
    • Spatial and Joinery Design
    • Problem Solving
    Favourite things
    • 🎵 90s Seattle
    • 🎓 Communication
    • 💚 Dark Sap Green
    • 🍳 Kifli
    • 📺 The Umbrella Academy
    • 👨‍🎨 Sam Maloof

Industry Placement Program

ISCD is passionate about providing students with tangible ways to bridge the gap between theory and practice. That’s why we have a dedicated team who manage our industry placement program, allowing our students the opportunity for hands-on experience and an understanding of the challenges and nuances of their chosen field.

We are committed to training and developing the next generation of employable interior designers. We work with key partners like BOWERBIRD Interiors and Winning Group to place students after graduation. Your industry placement allows you to create industry connections, work collaboratively, receive valuable on-the-job feedback, and learn new industry trends and skills. 

Our partnerships team will work with you to polish your CV, portfolio, and online platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Then they’ll prepare you for your placement interview and if you are successful, it won’t be long until you’re joining your host company’s next client consultation. 


ISCD student Lisa Tonkin during her BOWERBIRD Interiors placement.

ISCD student Lisa Tonkin during her BOWERBIRD Interiors placement.

Partnership Team

  • 06_Coder_Home_Page_Assets_Website_Our_Educators_Ronan_Mason_B&W_260x343_Apr202306_Coder_Home_Page_Assets_Website_Our_Educators_Ronan_Mason_B&W_260x343_Apr2023


    Ronan Mason

    Head of Partnerships

    Years in industry: 21 years

    Years at ISCD: 6 years

    Industry Skills
    • Design
    • Creative Passion
    • Business Development
    • Building Partnerships
    • Golf
    • Guitar
    Favourite things
    • 🍳 Craft Beer
    • 📺 Game of Thrones
    • 🎵 Guitar
    • 🎓 Music
  • 06_Coder_Home_Page_Assets_Website_Our_Educators_Henry_Dolezal_B&W_260x343_Apr202306_Coder_Home_Page_Assets_Website_Our_Educators_Henry_Dolezal_B&W_260x343_Apr2023


    Henry Dolezal

    Partnerships Manager

    Years in industry: 8 years

    Years at ISCD: 3 years

    Industry Skills
    • Design
    • Creative Passion
    • Organisation
    • Complaining about the weather
    • Building Meaningful Relationships
    Favourite things
    • 📺 Game of Thrones
    • 🎵 Pop
    • 🍳 Pork Gyoza
    • 🎓 Solar Panels
  • 01_Coder_Industry_Placements_Page_Assets_Website_3_Laurien_260x343_May202301_Coder_Industry_Placements_Page_Assets_Website_3_Laurien_260x343_May2023


    Laurien Duits

    Partnerships Coordinator

    Years in industry: 9 years

    Years at ISCD: 3 years

    Industry Skills
    • Design
    • Creative Passion
    • Coffee Making
    • Salsa Dancing
    • Creating Meaningful Relationships
    • Analytical & Organisational Skills
    Favourite things
    • 🍳 Desserts
    • 🎵 Minimal Techno/House
    • 🎓 Random & Funny Facts
  • 01_Coder_Industry_Placements_Page_Assets_Website_3_Steven_260x343_May202301_Coder_Industry_Placements_Page_Assets_Website_3_Steven_260x343_May2023


    Steven Hiotis

    Partnerships Coordinator

    Years in industry: 5 years

    Years at ISCD: 2 years

    Industry Skills
    • Creative Passion
    • Relationships & Communication
    • Analytics & Strategy
    • Coffee Making Skills
    • Cooking
    Favourite things
    • 📺 Fringe
    • 🍳 Mushroom Risotto
    • 🎓 Philosophy

What People Say About Us


Explore Some Of Our Student Work

  • 05_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Student_Work_Dilmini_Dissanayake_611x900_Jun2023
  • 05_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Student_Work_Elinore_English_611x770_Jun2023
  • 05_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Student_Work_Jessie-Gray_Thornton_835x575_Jun2023
  • 05_ISCD_1_Homepage_Website_Student_Work_Rebecca_Elms_Smith_611x770_Jun2023
  • Dilmini Dissanayake
  • Elinore English
  • Jessie-Gray Thornton
  • Rebecca Elms Smith

Take the next step towards your interior design career

We’re ready to help guide you through your exploration into interior design. We’d love to hear about your career and study goals, so why not book a call with one of our team members or download a course guide to review all the information in one place? If you need help figuring out where to begin, our free online info sessions are a great place to start. Visit our connect page and start your next chapter today.


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